23 August 2016

5th album "ANNA"

New album comes on September 26th 2016 again via Solitude Productions.

CD including 20 page booklet. Digital album with the downloadable counterpart as pdf.
Everything available on DOOMED own bandcamp, homepage shop or Solitude Productions store.

Guest musicians:

  • Ed Warby (Hail Of Bullets / Ayreon / The Gentle Storm / The 11th Hour & of course ex-Gorefest) – add. vocals
  • Markus Hartung (Panzerkreuzer) – add. vocals
  • Kris Clayton (Camel Of Doom / ex-Esoteric) – add. vocals
  • Daniela Laube – add. vocals
  • Uwe Reinholz (Oak Ridge) – add. guitar solo.

Children – the most innocent of all involved in war and conflicts – often have nothing but their own individual protection mechanism. This mechanism – here Anna’s inner – combines the images of the experience and adds them to a grotesque painting – ominous, but a refuge. Always threatened by chaos, fear and death – but there are growing strength, longing and willpower. At the moment of the shooting of her father during the deportation of the family, the gates of her psyche open and accompany her until an indefinite end. In her imagination – and who knows, maybe even in her reality – there is no surrender. Not in life and not in death! As what happens, so consequently the musical themes have a strong bond and can not be separated this time.

Important to say:
The concept album “ANNA” is another – and so I anchored it in the booklet – “personal statement against political and religious fanaticism, the influencing, persecution and oppression of free thinking. I detest the dulness of blind obedience, opportunism and the deadhearted executing of commands. But what Anna hears, sees and feels, is content. Her way is representative of thousands of lowbrow children of her time, also for uncountable war children of past, present and future periods – NO MATTER WHAT ORIGIN!”

ANNA” is a very intense, very demanding album. Relaxation and permanent mellifluous harmony you will search in vain! The subject matter requires and so I chose the characteristic of the songs and their frames very deliberately. Here is no room for romantic melancholy, even for warming – you will not weigh in safety. Consequently, nothing to play or for people who crave flattering standards! Of course “ANNA” is still DOOMED. You will recognize it and you’ll find yourself (I hope), me and the mind of a child which death is trying to usurp. Anyway, the album should occupy a certain special position in the discography of DOOMED. Also due to the fact that my approach, the time frame and implementing my skills were often different than previously. Perhaps not to hear, but I assure you, it’s still being felt. So go along – maybe you will see the same pitch-black, morally and emotionally devastating maelstrom as I did – possibly you can understand in retrospect, why so much anger still burns my heart!